More information on how the process of challenging your loan works

Challenge your Bounce Back Loan

Thousands of people like you are struggling to pay off their Bounce Back Loan due to government restrictions frustrating their efforts. We can act on your behalf to improve the conditions of your loan or even write off the debt.

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how it works

1. Detailed Legal Letters

We’ll write a detailed legal letter to your bank making a complaint in relation to your loan and seeking the write off or reduction of your loan and/or the set off of the losses you have suffered due to the further lockdown restrictions after you took out your loan

2. Keeping you in the loop

We will advise you as to how your bank responds (if at all) within a further 8 week period

3. Escalation

Depending upon your bank’s response and provided you qualify for the Financial Ombudsman Scheme, we will write a detailed complaint letter to the Financial Ombudsman seeking redress

4. Financial Ombudsman  decision

We will advise you as to the Financial Ombudsman Scheme’s decision in relation to your case

5. Engage

We will seek to engage in negotiations with your bank (and the Government as applicable) to reduce your indebtedness under your loan

6. Inform

We will keep you regularly informed by e-mail newsletters as to the progress of our campaign (and do keep an eye on this website for updates and news)

Challenging your repayments

Once you start your claim, the next steps highlight what you need to provide and what happens next.


The initial step

You provide us with your company name and contact details.


Your loan(s)

Provide us with details of your loan including the bank, the amount, the date of the loan and your account number (and where possible upload a copy of your loan agreement)


Estimate your losses

Provide us with your best estimate of the losses you have suffered due to the lockdown restrictions after you took out your loan



Sign a retainer letter permitting us to act on your behalf in accordance with Solicitors Regulatory Authority rules.



Make payment of £550 plus VAT (£660.00 in total) on your company credit or debit card



Start your claim